Find out more about projects I’ve been working on as a Theatre Director and a Graphic Designer.

Digital Business Academy Branding

Cosmic needed a distinctive new brand for an upcoming strand of their Positive People project. The brief was to creative something professional, something which would appeal to small businesses and be able to appear on leaflets and guides as they were developed. My...

Polyester: One Woman Show Leaflets and Posters

A real pleasure to design the artwork for my brilliant mate, Emily's, new show. She's been developing it for a year and had a fab photoshoot with Matt Austin, taker of wonderful, emotive theatre promotional imagery. The brief was to let the images speak and convey...

Puss in Boots Pantomime Artwork

Earlier this month I teamed up with Jack Northcott Pantomime Scripts to design artwork for a special pantmime version of Puss in Boots. This produciton is for a the North Herts Inclusive Arts group who work hard to include everyone in their artistic projects.

This Mum in Devon Branding

It’s always great as a designer when you get to work with a client who you can be inspired by, and that’s exactly how I felt when Jo from This Mum in Devon got in touch. This Mum in Devon is a print shop full to the brim with inspirational quotes and slogans pressed,...

Wizard of Oz Artwork

Always brilliant to have the chance to design something colourful, and you don't get much more colour than over the rainbow! Here's my Wizard of Oz artwork created recently.  

Cinderella Artwork

There's nothing like a panto, and I had great fun designing this Cinderella artwork for Honiton Community Theatre Company. This year they're performing a script by Jack Northcott.

And Then There Were None Artwork

I've really enjoyed working on this artwork for the classic Agatha Christie murder mystery. The brief was to give a contemporary feel but with a sense of being set in the past and to bring in the vibes of a mystery waiting to be solved. Something's happened on that...

Henry: A Killer New Musical (Graphic design)

Henry: A Killer New Musical (Graphic design)

Not only was it great fun getting to direct this show, it was also fun working on the artwork for the project. We knew we wanted something ominous and creepy - Henry Holmes was America's first serial killer - and we knew it needed to feel like a work in progress with...

Henry: A Killer New Musical (Director)

Henry: A Killer New Musical (Director)

On 14th June 2018 we presented the first public showing of Henry: A Killer New Musical. The production featured music and lyrics by Lawrence Michalowski and Michelle Hutchings with a book by Paul Alexander. This musical about Henry Holmes, America's first 'serial...

The Wind in the Willows Artwork

I've had so much fun designing the initial poster artwork and then adapting it with a photoshoot for the Honiton Community Theatre Company by the excellent Lewis Law photography. Plus, tickets are going super quickly with over 1/3 already sold. What a great show, and...

South Pacific the Musical Artwork

Playing around with some artwork for South Pacific the classic Rogers and Hammerstein Musical. Here’s a daytime and evening view of the artwork… get in touch for show artwork, prices start at £50 per poster!

Mortal Engines

A bit of fun designing some title artwork for an upcoming film series based on some of my favourite childhood novels:

Journey to the Impossible Top Trumps

As part of the marketing campaign for Little Soldier's Journey to the Impossible, I designed these Top Trumps for each character featuring Pat Cullum's original artwork of the city and archway, and Matt Austin's photos. [gallery ids="180,179,178,176,177,175"...

Journey to the Impossible Tour Leaflets & Posters

Really enjoyed re-designing these leaflets for Little Soldier Productions following their initial run at The Bike Shed Theatre. Great pictures by Matt Austin. New Poster Before/After For the tour poster, we took the original design (with brilliant illustrations of an...

Snow White Final Poster

Really pleased with the outcome of this new poster for Honiton Community Theatre Company with a matching Facebook header too. Great images from Lewis Law Photography, too.