Beauty and the Beast

Dec 9, 2022

Production Photography: Robert Days

In the pretty French village of Catherine-de-Barmey, bookish Belle is ready to start a new chapter and find some adventure.

However Belle, and her friend Jacques and his mum, Betty the local bell ringer, get much more than they bargained for when they find themselves trapped inside the enchanted castle of a mysterious beast.

Will true love conquer all? Will the curse of the Enchantress ever be broken? Will Betty drop a clanger?

The award-winning Little Wolf Entertainment (the team behind Cinderella and Robin Hood) return with even more shimmering sets, outrageous costumes, magic and mayhem in this brand new furry-tail adventure!

You won’t belle-ieve your eyes!


Core Theatre, Solihull


Alan Bowles and Morgan Brind for Little Wolf


Alex Jackson


Morgan Brind

Musical Director

Dave Culling


Sharyn Hastings

Production Manager

Alan Bowles

Lighting Designer

Callum McDonald

Sound Design

Harry Greatorex


Betty Bon Bon – Morgan Philpott

Belle – Rebecca D’Lacey

Gaston – Nick Woodford

La Fool – Laura Porter

Enchantress – Lucy Carne

Marcel – Spencer Cartwright

Idle Jacques – Charlie Booker

Prince Phillipe – Sebastian Harwood

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