7 Details to Put on Your Theatre Poster

Nov 22, 2020

Find yourself needing a graphic designer and thinking about which details you should to put on your theatre poster? There’s a lot to include. Too little doesn’t give the audience enough information about your production. Too much looks messy, and audiences can’t take in the information. Finding the right balance is often where the expertise of your designer comes in.

Most graphic designers who work on theatre posters have worked in marketing departments of venues or marketing agencies in the past. They know what works, and can give you advice on that if you need it.

Why is your theatre poster important?

You poster is your number one selling tool to get people to purchase tickets to your show. You want it to look great. You need it to convey what kind of show audiences can expect. But you also need it to have the key booking information for the production. With so much out there on the market, perhaps the most important thing is that it stands out from the crowd.

1. Production Dates

I wouldn’t recommending all your performance dates and times in a list. However your key production dates are one of the most important things to include on your theatre poster. Your audience need to know at a glance when the show is happening.

2. Selling Points

When you talk to your graphic designer, make sure they know what your key selling points are for the target audience. The designer can then make sure that information is front and centre and communicate with through their design.

3. Key Cast Members

If you have ‘star castings’ for your production, chances are you’re going to want them clearly visible on the poster. Words are great, but the public can instantly recognise celebrities in images quicker than they can process reading text. You’ll probably need a photoshoot for the cast members in question.

4. Creative Team

Usually listed in smaller font (unless a key selling point), your creative team should be credited on the poster if possible. It’s hugely helpful for their own creative portfolio if people can easily see what they’re working on. It’s also a way of demonstrating the quality of your production.

5. Title & Tagline

Of course a title is a given for any theatre poster. But a tagline can sometimes come as a second thought, even though it can be the most important thing on the poster. This is because your tagline can help give the audience a sense of what the show will be like. Is it a comedy with tongue-in-cheek humour, or an emotional drama that will keep you hooked to the last moment?

6. Reviews

If you’ve got great review quotes and stars, you’ll want to make sure they’re prominently on the poster. Love them or hate them, reviews are still the number 1 reason people do/don’t choose to go and see a production. Your bottom line could depend upon it.


Of course there are lots of other things you might want to include on your theatre poster. Every production is different and there will be different reasoning behind each decision. The best way to work is in collaboration with your theatre poster designer. This way you can ensure your poster looks great, and does it’s job really well. You can talk to me about creating poster artwork for your production – I love to help you come up with new concepts and ideas. Why not take a look at my portfolio.

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