5 Reasons You Need A Graphic Designer

Nov 17, 2020

You’re feeling tired. It’s the launch of a new campaign and you’ve spent hours putting it all together, planning the outcome, launching your latest product. You’ve gone back and fourth over the images you’re using and you’re not sure the photographer really understood what you were asking for in the first place. Maybe the photographer was you. You need a graphic designer.

Never fear, graphic designers are here! We’re a friendly bunch who take your ideas and images and put them together. We create effective visual identities for your brand and across the campaign as a cohesive flow of beautiful assets. A graphic designer can come to your rescue. But you’ve got to ask when you need one.

Why is good graphic design important?

Good graphic design often goes unnoticed. It’s the clear signs at airports and train stations which help you navigate your way around. See the film and theatre posters advertising on the sides of buses. It’s the big brands you buy in the supermarket every week. Good graphic design is everywhere, so if yours isn’t up to scratch, you risk standing out against the crowd.

One of the reasons I love working with small businesses and charities, is that good graphic design can really help you be put on a par with longer established competitors. It opens up arenas where you can compete with businesses much bigger than yours. Your products are probably higher quality, more sustainable and ethically sourced with a lower carbon footprint. But if your design doesn’t reflect that, you can’t communicate these things to your customers.

A good graphic designer can communicate all these things in the images they create. Your customers will identify just by the look and feel of the design whether or not your product is aimed at them. They’ll know if you’re friendly, exclusive, affordable, expensive, luxurious. That is the value of good graphic design. It helps tell your story, without words, and without conscious recognition.

So what are the signs that you’re ready to use a graphic designer?

1. Capacity for graphic design

The number one reason you need to employ a graphic designer is due to a lack of capacity. You find that you’re running out of time to create your own graphics, signage, social media, the list is endless. Let a graphic designer ease the strain of your workload, and bring expertise to the table.

2. Too many fonts on your design

If you’re using 3 or more fonts on one design, chances are it’s probably going to look messy and unprofessional. You need to cut down on the number of fonts, and make sure that the fonts you choose compliment each other. This is graphic design basics that a designer can help with.

3. Your design colours don’t work

It’s not just fonts that can take you into the territory of a busy design. Choice of colour has a huge impact on overall design. It can communicate basic feeling and has a huge range of technical implications for print and digital pieces. Graphic designers have spent years learning these rules and concepts.

4. You’re launching or relaunching with new graphics

You’re launching a new business, product or service. You need a graphic designer to ensure that there is a coherent overall design feel. We’ll help by taking your brief and turning it into something beautiful. Give your new range the visual identity it deserves and the professional edge it needs.

5. Your designs are pixelated and blurry

Navigating print and resolution is one of the most technical aspects of graphic design. It’s something designers spend years learning about and perfecting. Their expertise in this matter are not to be underestimated. It can save you a lot of time and money. Pixelated and blurry designs are among the most unprofessional looking of all.


A graphic designer can elevate your products and services, and bring a mark of quality to your brand. We’re here to help your products sell more, and relieve the stress of having to do everything yourself. Have a chat with me today about your idea and see how we can work together.

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