It’s always great as a designer when you get to work with a client who you can be inspired by, and that’s exactly how I felt when Jo from This Mum in Devon got in touch.

This Mum in Devon is a print shop full to the brim with inspirational quotes and slogans pressed, embroidered and ironed onto clothes for mother’s, babies and more.

Jo’s vision for the brand is to support and inspire other Mums as well as making classy, fun and stylish garments. I knew immediately that this had so much design potential. I set about creating three design concepts for her to compare:

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3

Then, once the concepts were sent to Jo, she had a look and fed back about the colours and arrangement and chose to take concept 1 forward and make some revisions to it. I turned this around over the weekend and the next options were:

Then given all the choices, we also made some other changes to font, colours and arrangement coming up with these final options:

And the final branding that Jo picked was:

It’s been such a pleasure to work with Jo on the project. The next step is for me to put together a brand guidelines document which explains to anyone using the The Mum in Devon branding how they should do so plus how/where they can use the logo. Then I’ll export the logo in all it’s different formats ready for Jo to use.

“I wanted to re-brand my business, so I was given Alex number. We arranged a meeting and he explained before then have a think of colours,styles, fonts and the feeling surrounding these. Those words were extremely helpful as I didn’t really know where to start! After our meeting where I explained my business ethos, Alex went away and came up with 3 concepts. I chose which concept I loved and then we worked on colours, and adjusted a couple of items. The end result it perfect. Alex is extremely professional and guided me through the whole process. I would highly recommend him. I am now still in contact and discussing help for my website set-up.” (Jo Rogers, This Mum In Devon)